Secure, Smart, Straightforward

Preconfigured and Ready to Go

Comprehensive Software

MetaCat Risk Management helps you manage vendors, contracts, breaches, audits, issues, policies and more! Smart workflows and guidance help you to comply with regulations.

Community Hospitals

Vendor and contract management with easy business associate classification and breach incident management helps you comply with HIPAA regulations.

Banks and Credit Unions

Vendor and contract management with risk assessment guidance helps you to comply with FDIC, Federal Reserve and OCC regulations.


Be Proactive

MetaCat can help you comply with regulations and reduce your company's risk profile.

Stay Organized

Keep data and documents in one place! Shared calendars and email reminders keep you on track!

Smart Management

Built-in workflows help ensure process completion and compliant breach response management.

Monitor Risk Status

Reporting dashboard provides consolidated data views and helps to monitor risks, audits exceptions and management response tasks.

Make Accurate Assessments

Smart regulatory guidance assists in making accurate assessments of each vendor's risk profile.

Manage Data Securely

Role-based permissions help to ensure appropriate data access.


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    HIPAA-Compliant Hosting

    MetaLogic provides HIPAA-compliant hosting services and follows industry-standard security practices.

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    Secure Documents

    Role-based security and fine-grained permissions ensure secure data and document access.

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    Pricing starts at $500 annually for banks and medical clinics and $1000 annually for community hospitals. Contact us for details.